Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly bird in the hand

Here is this weeks list of things that I am grateful for - my weekly bird in the hand:

Photo by The Jordan Collective
  • Nature. We took a hike today. We had a great time with no one else on the trail and a lovely little picnic by the pond.   It was wonderful to see:
  1. the black swallowtail butterflies
  2. large patches of forget-me knots
  3. all the different shades of green in the trees
  4. trillium flowers in bloom
  5. cascading water in the creeks
Photo by J. Michael Tracy
  • New restaurants.  This week we tried a new restaurant - Spoonbar in Healdsburg. We had a perfect evening out with delicious food.  Tonight we are going to another new restaurant in our village. Hope that is good too.  It's called Olive and Vine and it was previously a catering company.
  • Sales of my new aluminum bangles with silver animals/insects on them!  I need to get making some more!!!
  • The joy that the Royal Wedding brought to so many people - with fascinating fashion, traditions, and ceremony.
I hope you enjoyed your week.  What was the highlight for you?


Patty Biermans said...

It's always good to have a nice restaurant to go to! And your picnic...great! Now you mention it, must do this myself sometime, thankx for the idea. hugzz..Peebee

vilterietje said...

my highlight this week is today: this morning i woke up and the first time for a long time i could walk straight away, my knee was hardly hurting. hope it will go better from now on.
have a nice sunday:)

Ruth said...

Hi Peebee. Hope you have your picnic soon!
What great news Riet. That made me day knowing that you are getting better :-D