Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

That time again for my weekly bird in the hand - the things I am grateful for this week:

Photo by striatic
  • Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK so my Mum has to top this week's list! Thanks Mum for who you are.
  • Movies that make me cry! This weekend it is the Sonoma International Film Festival so I'm watching lots of movies - not all of which will make me cry. But I do so love being moved by a movie!
  • A dog who wakes me up so excited just because a new day is starting! It's quite contagious.
  • My friend C who's birthday it is today - Happy Birthday Sweetie!
  • My cousin C who's birthday it is today - Happy Birthday Sweetie!
  • My friend D for whom today is a really difficult day as his daughter died on this day a few years ago.
  • My nephew M for getting into both schools he wanted to get into for his A'levels, and also for being rugby captain when his team won the cup.
  • My nephew P for getting his rugby stripes after being captain of his team.
Hope your week has been fun.


vilterietje said...

só many happy things:)

My Computer Tutor said...

Thank you R for birthday greetings


Ruth said...

You are most welcome! xx