Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playtime with friends

My two new bangles today are adorned with orange flowers.  The symbolism of orange flowers comes from the fact that orange is the closest match to the color of the sun, so it suggests expansion, growth, warmth and happiness.  It is also the color of friendship and community.

So the overall feeling of orange flowers is that it beckons us to go out and play with friends, remember good times, enjoy the company of like-minds, and share big smiles all round!

I think I need to put on a "playtime with friends" bangle and get out in the sunshine and play!!  What about you? Wanna come out and play?


Tonya Davidson said...

Beautiful bracelets Ruth! Love them ;-) How do they wear?



Sue McNenly said...

These are so lovely.


Ruth said...

Hi Tonya, they wear really well and are tough. The first one I made I've had 18 months now and it looks the same as the day I made it. I have another that someone else made that I've worn for over 20 years and that still looks the same too. The anodized layer provides tougher layer than you get with un-anodized aluminum.

vilterietje said...

oh ruth, they are so sunny!!
here the sun is shining for more than 2 weeks and the temperature is mid 20 celcius, so we enjoy each day outside:)

Patty Biermans said...

They are so beautifull! Hugzz..Peebee

Ruth said...

Thanks Peebee and Riet! Wish we all lived closer to each other so we could play together! Enjoy the sunshine :-D