Wednesday, April 6, 2011

14/52 Bird of the week - Quentin relaxing in the garden

Quentin is here again for another week of "bird of the week" challenge.  Last week we saw him strolling in the garden, but this time, he's having a little break, enjoying the sunshine and taking the weight off his feet! : Quentin relaxing in the garden.

Yes, little Quentin Quail, sitting down amongst the flowers.  What a sweet scene.   Maybe we can all take a leaf out of Quentin's book and go and sit amongst the flowers some time this week?

And if you are concerned about Quentin possibly falling off the flowers, please don't be.  I secure him by making a silver screw. Then just a little surgery in Quentin to make the threads.  He says it's not painful at all!!!. Then he is securely threaded onto the bracelet.  A threaded cold connection is the technical term.  See  - here is him showing off that he can stay on!!!:

The links below connect you to others who joined in my bird a week challenge.  I hope you'll take the time to see what their birds are up to this week.


Patty Biermans said...

OOOOOOhhhhhh, how I love Quentin!! Say hello from me and wish him a lovely summer wherever he goes! Hugzz..Peebee

Ruth said...

Quentin sends you a big hug too Peebee!

vilterietje said...

such a tiny sweet little rascal:)

Marly said...

Love this bangle! It's so wonderful to see Quentin again. It's just like him to enjoy relaxing and taking strolls in the garden. Hope you can join him there, Ruth!

Ruth said...

You obviously know him well Riet!!!
And Quentin is looking forward to seeing you in May Marly! He did a little happy dance when I told him! xx