Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nosegay Class - Part 2

If you know me, you'll know that I love bright colors!  So in Saturday's nosegay class, the four flowers the instructor taught us were all rather pale in color for my liking! Yes, I like pale and white, but also like bold and bright!!

The instructor had brought in a few books so that we could try some other flowers. Looking at the doublet crepe paper that was available, I was really attracted to the purples, oranges and pinks and so I decided to  try a few crocuses and some anemones.


Dipping the crepe flowers in the wax really does bring their colors out.  They are much more vibrant after dipping and also it gives them a translucency.

I loved the leaves of the crocuses too and the brightness of the saffron stamens.

I've put the anemones in a vase in the guest house, and the crocuses on the bed stand.  Flowers ready for our guests without me having to remember!!!

Doesn't it look like a fun class!   It's made me want to create some clay flowers now too!  I loved making all the stamens and everyone seemed to enjoy dipping the flowers in the wax!!  A slow cooker with candle wax and you just dunk them in!  Apparently you  can wax real dried flowers too which makes them a little stronger. My mum uses a lot of dried flowers...maybe she'll give that a go.

Have you tried a new class lately?


Ziva said...

Beautiful flowers, Ruti.

Angie and Marly said...

We both just love these flowers! They're stunning! So glad you had fun and learned such a beautiful art form! Wish we would see more crocuses here right now instead of snow and rain! Can't wait to see them "live"!

3LambsStudio said...


Is there a special technique for dipping them? I'd love to try this, but I'm afraid of the petals sticking to each other when wet.

Ruth said...

Hi 3lambs
The wax is melted in a crock pot and then you dip them. You shake off the excess and quickly rearrange any petals that have moved. Yes - give it a try and let me know how you get on.