Monday, April 25, 2011

The bees knees!

Do you know the origin of the expression "The bees knees"?

The phrase was apparently first recorded in the late 18th century, when it was used to mean something very small and insignificant.  However, in the 1920's the phrase began to be used in the US meaning "an outstanding person or thing".....along with the "cats whiskers".

Some think this meaning came from the fact that bees carry pollen back to the hive in sacs on their legs and thus, just around the bees knees is all this great concentration of something good!!!  But others think this has nothing to do with it....and it is still a topic for debate. What do you think? Have you ever even see a bee's knees?

So here is my "bees knees" bangle with little bees printed on the bangle and then a silver bee perched on top!

Unfortunately you can't see his knees as he's sat on them - but if you could, I'm sure you'd be impressed :-D

Next time you see a bee - check out his knees!


vilterietje said...

sometimes i wish i had beesknees haha:) lovely bangle!

Sue McNenly said...

Yet another lovely one. I'm especially loving the little bee illustration....just the right amount of whimsey to the drawing:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting backgroud and probably has the same type of origins as "he's the cat's meow." I love this cuff and the bees are cute; unfortunately, bees creep me out!!