Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Blossom!

Isn't it such a lovely time of the year. I love seeing all the blossom on the trees.  Such soft delicate flowers......And so two blossom bangles came out from my studio today!

At the moment we have apple, pear, asian pear, cherry, nectarine, and peach trees all in blossom. We had a frost two nights this past week however, so I hope they are all doing OK and weren't affected.

But I have to confess that while all those blossoms look lovely,  nothing can beat citrus blossom with that wonderful aroma...but then that's another season!!! So what is your favourite blossom?

And were you ever called "Blossom?". I recall as a child in England being called  "Blossom".  Was/is the term ever used for endearment in the US or other countries?  Not even sure if it's still used in England....???? I think we should bring it back in!  I'm going to call someone blossom this week and see how they react!!  What about you? Give it a try....

Alright Blossom? 


vilterietje said...

in the south of holland, where we live, you can make a "blossom tour" by buss. it's great to see the trees bloom:)

My Computer Tutor said...

They say "Blossom" in Wales.

Here's some more blossom: