Monday, April 4, 2011

Animal totem bracelet

I just finished a commission for a new customer today.  She wanted a gift for her daughter who is just graduating with a master's degree in Animal Science.  She had seen my animal print bracelet and asked if we could do some other prints on one for her daughter.  Her daughter also has her animal totems tattooed on her back, so she chose the animals from that.

There were a few challenges in her animal choices however:
  1. Unfortunately one animal was a whale - and as hard as we looked, we couldn't find a footprint from a whale anywhere :=D
  2. Another was a butterfly and while they have feet - I doubt that they ever leave any trace that they've been anywhere.
  3. The third "problem" was a dragon!  But my customer emailed me a photo of a dragon track - so now her daughter will be able to identify any passing dragon tracks she may come across!

Here are all 9 tracks:

Eagle, Bear, Wolf

Elephant, Dragon, Rhinoceros

Owl, Buffalo, Cat

I wonder how many you would have guess correctly????  The name of each animal is actually written on the back of each square, in case the wearer forgets - so it's a good portable field guide to animal tracks!  You can see these on the middle set of photos.

Doesn't it sound like a great gift - just right for her daughter!  I really enjoyed doing it and spent some time looking into the different animal totem symbolism too.   What animals would you choose?


vilterietje said...

so beautiful, love it very much:)

Marly said...

What a beautiful bracelet, Ruth! I love the sometimes whimsical and unusual choices for animal tracks. I can see where whale tracks were a bit of a challenge:)
What an amazing gift for your customer's daughter. She'll be thrilled!

Sorry to hear about your tooth woes!
Hope you'll be smiling again soon!

katherine said...

A whale should just get a splash, of course.

Anonymous said...

wow it is really nice bracelet :) i love it....can i have one? how much did it cost?

Anonymous said... is really nice bracelet :) can i have one? i love it! how much did it cost?

Ruth said...

Thanks Sofia. The bracelet is $350. It is made of fine silver and is quite substantial. Let me know if you would like to discuss this further.