Monday, April 18, 2011

Nosegay Class - Part 1

As I mentioned on Friday, I went to a class on making nosegays this weekend.  The class was a gift from my sweetie friends Angie and Marly and it was held at Castle in the air in Berkeley. It was my first time taking a class there.  They have a lovely set up and were very well organized.  They also have an online store if you aren't in the Berkerley vicinity - and some very unusual items for sale that I've never seen anywhere else before.

I so enjoyed my day making flowers. A whole day doing something new with a quick lunch hour to do some shopping too!

The idea of the class was to make small crepe paper flowers which you then dip in melted wax to create a more translucent effect.  The "nosegay" part was a little bit of a misnomer however, as our little posies weren't scented.  Maybe we should rename them "eyegays"!!! I asked the instructor if she had ever scented any - but she hadn't. I think maybe adding a little essential oil would make the posey gently scent the room..... or make your nose gay.... Maybe I'll try that.

Wild rose and orange blossom
The instructor - Ulla - showed us how to make four different flower:  cornflower, orange blossom, apple blossom and a wild rose.

Cornflower, handpainted wild rose, and apple blossom bud

Cornflower, daisy and wild rose
We then spent sometime making these and then could also look in her books and try and few other flower shapes.  Here is a daisy that I made myself from one of the books :- it is similar in design to the cornflower.

Today's photos are all the flowers she taught us directly (with the addition of the daisy).  Tomorrow I'll post the other flowers I tried on my own that are lot brighter in color!!!! 

I've decided that I'm going to 'scatter" these around the room in the guest house as decorations. As you can see in these last two photos, here are the whites on the bed.

Don't you wish you'd come with me? More tomorrow - hope you'll come by and take a look.


Lora Hart said...

I totally wish I had come with you! What a fun class to have taken. Lorena would have loved it. such pretty fleurs. I know they'll make their way into your work soon. ;D

Ruth said...

Thanks Lora. I enjoyed the brighter colored flowers I'll show tomorrow even more!

when are you next up in this area?

vilterietje said...

beautiful! it's a great technic i did it a couple of years ago, but never practised it at home:)