Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

The things I am grateful for this week - my bird in the hand:

Photo by Navicore
  • Alexander Fleming - for creating Penicillin and then all the other scientists who worked to produce antibiotics!  I have an infection this week  in a root canal that caused my face to swell up so I couldn't even smile!  It's getting better now - thanks to the antibiotics.  I'll be smiling again soon! :-D
  • The rains stopping and the sun shining which caused the camillias and lilacs to bloom.
  • Bud break in the vineyard! Yeah! The tiny little leaves are just poking through, and getting ready to unfurl.
  • My cozy blanket to snuggle under when I didn't feel well.
  • Old friends coming to visit.
Hope you've had a good week this week.
Take care xx


vilterietje said...

hope you will get well soon!

Patty Biermans said...

I agree totally with all your gratefullness (is that a word?):D hugzz...Peebee