Thursday, April 7, 2011

Break out - final master muse project

My final master muse project is up on Tonya Davidson's blog this week.  I have been part of the master muse team for the last year or so.  During that time we were each given 6 challenges to create jewelry using certain materials or techniques and then had to write a step by step project on how to create the piece.

The challenge for this final master muse project for me was to create something using a found object and also use the technique of keum boo to add gold to the piece.

Photo by Drew Davidson

Hmm. When you think of "traditional" found object jewelry, you know that really isn't my I had to think a little outside the box. I finally decided on using a found bird's egg from the vineyard as the found object!  Then as it is spring time, I thought it would be fun to see it hatching in a nest....and when you see little birds with their mouths open, their mouths always look yellow and golden - and thus that is where the gold part came in!!

And so "break out" was born!  A pin for a jacket. A happy, hungry little chick breaking out of his egg in his nest.  The full tutorial will be available from Whole Lotta Whimsy, but to see a summary of it, go to Tonya's blog.

I've loved being part of the master muses.  They have been challenges as I've tried lots of things I haven't done before so for me each challenge was a "break out". 

What about you? Is it time you had a springtime "transformation" and broke out of your shell and tried something a little different?  Go for it! It's that time of year for growth.

PS Special thanks go to Angie and Marly for this project as they loaned me their ultralite kiln for the keum boo.


vilterietje said...

oh hoe cute this litlle birdy looks into the world:)

Marly and Angie said...

Great to see this beautiful pin revealed for Master Muse.
Couldn't believe that you actually used a real egg! Cool!
Such a sweet pin...perfect for spring!
Congrats on your very successful Master Muse journey!