Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

The things I am grateful for this week:

  • Crafthaus, a social community for craft and art practitioners, named me as one of their featured artists this week!  I am delighted.  And they selected one of my new aluminum bangles - the one shown above.  While I have been creating with metal clay for a while, my aluminum work is relatively new and thus it is especially exciting to be recognised for that work too.  Here are the links: Crafthaus home page and here is my Crafthaus page.  They have also put this photo on their front page slot too!  
  • Singing - it's been a busy week for singing with Easter week.  I have so enjoyed it and head back to the cathedral in an hour for a long service this evening
  • Bella.  Our friend's dog, Bella who we looked after for 4 weeks, went home on Thursday. She has been a lovely companion - and especially loved running around the vineyard!  She was delight and fun friend.

I hope you have had a lot to be grateful for this week too.  A couple of people contacted me last week and said they were thinking of starting a "weekly gratitude" blog post too.  Maybe we should make this a movement and get a big group of us all showing our gratitude...we could link through to each if you have something that you are grateful for this week, why not blog about it and share it!

Happy Easter to you all!


vilterietje said...

the dog looks like ours, but ours is a bit bigger, because he is a bastard cross maltees and tibethian. a lovely caracter:)

Joy Funnell said...

Actually that is a really nice idea. I do like this feature of yours and maybe I should start my own one. I shall have a think about it :)

Happy Easter

Ruth said...

Hi Riet. Bella is a cross between a maltese and bichon frise.
Joy - I hope you do! I'll look forward to reading them.
R xx