Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet my followers: Riet

I'm starting a new regular Sunday post theme (- apart from those Sunday's once a month when my hubby John writes about the vineyard).  So the majority of Sundays will be a day when I introduce you to someone who follows my blog.

It's an opportunity for me to get to know my readers better - and also a chance to share their art with you too.  Each week I'll randomly choose maybe your turn will be next week???

Anyhow today let's meet Riet

That's Riet on the right (I think) with her friend Patty
Riet started following my blog a few months ago, after finding me through the Merry Go Round blog post.  She lives in Sittard in the Netherlands and her first language is Dutch. She is your perfect blog follower, as she so frequently writes comments! I always look forward to reading what she has to say - lovely positive, happy comments. I do so appreciate them Riet.

Riet does felting work making hats, scarves, wall hangings and occasionally other things too. Here are some of her hats:

For the scarves, she often uses the technique of nuno where you felt wool onto another fabric like linen or silk.  Here are some of her nuno scarves:

My favorite one is one that she did for part of the "bird a week" challenge".  Here it is - a lovely felted scarf with a little birdie and some flowers and on it. It's felt on linen:

Yes, she  decided to join my "Bird a week" challenge at the beginning of the year - even though she didn't know how to use Flickr and rarely creates birds. But since then, she's kept up creating a different bird each week and made some wonderful creations -and now seems like a dab hand on Flickr!!!

She blogs just about every day, like me.  Although her blog is in Dutch, there is a translate button so you can read it in whatever is your favourite language. The google translations aren't perfect, but you get the gist.  She also has some tutorials listed there in Dutch and English so if you want to know more about nuno, take a look.

She sells her wares at shows but I'm not sure if she sells online too.  Hopefully she will read this in fill in the missing info!!

Anyhow - you are a wonderful follower and friend Riet...and we learn something new about each other each she has a Scottish husband too!  Thank you for your support. It really makes a difference. (Please correct anything I've got wrong!).


Janet Bocciardi said...

What a fun and great idea! Love Riet's felted scarves and hats. The one with the bird at the end is terrific.

Glassprimitif said...

Riet's hats are so quirky - definitely one of a kind. Really enjoyed reading about her. Jo

vilterietje said...

wowzer!!!!!!! thanks for promoting my blog and my work, far too many compliments, but i love compliments.
you got everything right and i don't sell online, just on shows or to friends and family. love, riet:)

Ruth said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting Riet. And glad Riet enjoyed it too! Nice to share someone else's work. :-D