Friday, April 8, 2011

Adding texture to aluminum

I got a little package this past week from my mum.  No, it wasn't a food parcel - it was little bits and bobs of lace, fabric, paper cutouts etc.  I had been telling her about my rolling mill and how I wanted to try using it with the aluminum - so all her little strips of goodies were things to try running through the mill with the aluminum for my bangles to create texture on the metal.

I haven't tried them all yet, but here are a couple:

 This first one is a lovely rich orange color - as that was always my mum's favourite color.  Is it still I wonder????  Anyhow - a happy color.  I put the aluminum through with a piece of thick lace.  I hope you can see the texture that came from it in the photos.

The other was just a small piece of aluminum I colored but hadn't made anything with.  This went through the mill with an open weave ribbon.

It'll be interesting to add texture to some of my bangles and also other aluminum pieces I make. I'll be trying the other goodies later so will let you know how they work out.

Yes, the aluminum experiments continue!

Thanks mum!


Mar Bisutería said...

ummm interesante me gusta mucho

Sue McNenly said...

Fabu! I am soooo jealous about your rolling mill! I wonder, do you think a ppp would work? I know it might crush the ppp down a bit, but may make a slight impression??? That could be AWESOME!

I love that these pieces came from your mom. A way to really personalize a piece. Imagine lace from a wedding dress, etc. Ooops, back to my champagne:)

Ruth said...

Sue - Yes, the rolling mill is my new tool! I'll have to try a ppp and see what happens.
Cheers - for your champagne!
Hi Mar, thanks for commenting.

vilterietje said...

great result, love them:)