Friday, April 1, 2011

Patience bangle

Readers of my regular "bird signs" Friday blog post will recall that I've been discussing the symbolism of birds for the past few weeks. Today I focus on an insect - the caterpillar. 

The butterfly and caterpillar are considered symbols of metamorphosis and transformation.  However the caterpillar is the infant stage - prior to transformation and thus teaches patience.  The caterpillar inches along slowly, resting..... pausing now and then - symbolising not to rush into anything.  This time is for preparation - a very important stage. 

Yes, a transformation will be exciting, but right now patience is needed. 

This bangle is therefore a cheerful reminder for someone that their time is coming...and they just need to get ready and be patient.

Hope you like my "patience" bangle. The bangle is color anodised aluminum and the caterpillar is made from fine silver.

Are you singing "inch worm, inch worm...measuring the marigolds" yet???


vilterietje said...

love it very much:)

Marly said...

Beautiful bangle, Ruth! And I love the idea of the caterpillar being a symbol of patience before transformation. Waiting and preparing for the right time is so important. Thanks for the reminder!

Patty Biermans said...

It's a cute little thing! Lovely...hugzz Peebe