Thursday, March 31, 2011

Head banging robin

Oh dear.  The last couple of days we have had an upset Robin outside. He consistently flies into one of the windows - and not just now and again - but every couple of minutes or so.

Photo by Dendroica cerulea

After doing some research, it appears that it is a territorial response.  He and his mrs are obviously building a nest close by - and we've heard some knocking on the roof near the window too.   However, the male sees his reflection in the window and thinks another male is in his territory so raises his head feathers to try and warn his off. Unfortunately the other robin - ie his reflection - raise his feathers too - and so the robin tries to attack the other bird and send him away.  Obviously the other bird does the same thing and so Mr Robin spends all his day attacking his reflection instead of nest building, singing and eating which he should be doing.

Photo by ibm4381

We've put up a cover on the one window so he can't see himself in it and hopefully he will get back to his normal spring time activities instead - and get rid of his headache! 

Poor little thing.  We'll be keeping an eye out for him.


Patty Biermans said...

Oh,,,I hope so that he stops hitting his head! What a headegg he must have allready! It is not possible that he can think of building a nest with a head like that! I wish him lots of luck :D. hugzzz..Peebee

vilterietje said...

lovely robin story, hope he will get no headinjury:)

Ruth said...

I'll pass on your good wishes to Mr Robin. He does seem to have stopped now but I'll leave the covering up a few days to make sure ~:=D

Kristi Bowman said...

This reminds me of a similar story. Not long ago I was at one of our local little quaint shopping areas called Country Village, it has a pond and lots of open space, very nice. I was going in to this Antique store and I noticed this Duck couple near the door and the male duck was just having a fit...they had a big mirror on the ground outside and he was going at it with that other male duck. The lady was just hanging out 10-15 feet away waiting for her crazy man. I would have told the person in the store but she had several customers. I shooed him away but I bet as soon as I left he came right back. Silly boys!!! :)