Monday, March 28, 2011

Mystery footprint

I spent my studio time today making some photopolymer plates for a commission.  Photopolymer plates are used to create the impression/texture/pattern in silver clay, a bit like a rubber stamp.

The commission is to make another animal tracks bracelet, but the customer wanted specific animal tracks included, not the ones that I used before.  Her choice includes elephant, rhino, buffalo, owl, etc.... Here's my original animal tracks bracelet:

I write on the reverse of each square, which animal made the foot print  - so it's a learning tool too!!

The bracelet is a gift for the customer's daughter who is graduating with a master's degree in animal science. She gave me the list of animal tracks she wanted, but helped out finding one of them.  Here is the track that she supplied: 

Any idea what animal made it?

I'll be working on the bracelet this week, so I'll post photos of the finished product when it's done.  Go on - have a guess at the mystery print .......