Friday, March 11, 2011

Dogwood bangle follow up

For those of you who don't live in the US and aren't familiar with the Dogwood tree (- genus Cornus -) here are some photos.  Thanks for asking Peebee.

Photo by Lee Coursey

The lovely white/pink/yellow "flowers" are actually not the flowers. Those are bracts and the flower is actually the small center. You can see it in the photo below - the greeny/yellow center.:

Photo by stevendepolo
So now you know! Thanks for asking :=D


Patty Biermans said...

Thankx for your info. Now I know what it is. We call it "kornoelje", but we don't have such big trees. In our garden they are more like shrubs with yellow flowers. They bloom before the leaves are on. I think that the ones in the US are very beautifull. Hugzz...Peebee

Ruth said...

Kornoelje makes sense as the genus is Cornus. And the small shrub like size is more typical and is mentioned in an interesting religious poem about the dogwood. It is believed to be the tree used for the cross for crucifixion. Here is the poem (anonymous):

When Christ was on earth, the dogwood grew
To a towering size with a lovely hue.
Its branches were strong and interwoven
And for Christ's cross its timbers were chosen

Being distressed at the use of the wood
Christ made a promise which still holds good:
"Not ever again shall the dogwood grow
To be large enough for a tree, and so

Slender and twisted it shall always be
With cross-shaped blossoms for all to see.
The petals shall have bloodstains marked brown
And in the blossom's center a thorny crown.

All who see it will think of Me,
Nailed to a cross from a dogwood tree.
Protected and cherished this tree shall be
A reflection to all of My agony."

Patty Biermans said...

Thankx for sharing, i'm very pleased with your information. Thankx again. Hugzz...Peebee