Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10/52 Bird a week - Proud Mum

Gosh - 10/52 -  ten weeks already! There we are, practically a fifth of the way through the bird a week challenge and it really doesn't seem too hard! I even have a few birds up my sleeve for weeks when other things get in the way!! ( is that allowed? I guess as I started the group, I can make the rules :=D)

So this week's bird is actually two birds - mum and babe.  They are jolly, happy colors and enjoying themselves in the colorful garden.

They are sculpted in paperclay and then painted.  One of my friends, Lorena Angulo  who is also doing the bird a week challenge recently tried paperclay.  I dabbled with it a little bit about 3 years ago then went back to silver...but thought I'd have a little play for this week's birdies.

Hope you like them.

Here are the links to others who are also taking part in the "bird a week" challenge.


Vickie Hallmark said...

Oh, yes, it must be allowed to stash! I've just done it myself.

florcita said...

what a colourful pair! I got a mom and a baby too! :)
Love those aluminium bangles you are making!

Lorena Angulo said...

I love them !! They are so cute !!!

Ruth said...

Thanks Lorena. Just saw your latest bird too! he's gorgeous.