Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Bird in the Hand

Here is this week's "bird in the hand" - the things I am grateful for:

Photo by greg westfall.

  •  Bella. Bella - a little white fluffy dog - arrived here at Birdland on Thursday. She is our friends' dog but they are away so she is staying with us for 4 weeks!  She is a happy little dog and had her first big adventure today in chasing away the turkeys from the vineyard!!! There were about 20 of them and she was fearless!!! She came in soaking wet, muddy and looking a disaster - but as happy as could be :=D  Now she is a brown not so fluffy dog!!
  • My new series of creations (like the ladybirds shown this week)  where I combine metal clay with aluminum, using threaded connections.  I just love making tiny little silver screws.  You'll see some more this week.
  • That my friend had good test results back from his medical tests.
  • My new Mifi from AT&T. It now means I can be online in my studio and also acts as a back up for when our Comcast internet connection fails (which seems to happen nearly every day!).
  • A good voice lesson yesterday.  Thanks Karen.
  • Watching all the quails run and call out to each other in the rain.
  • The vase of colorful daffodils and narcissi on our kitchen table that looked so cheery all week long.


vilterietje said...

looks like you had a good week:)

Ruth said...

Hope you have too Riet. Are you still in Scotland.