Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking on hooves

My sister just sent me this wonderful article that I had to share with you.

In Cheltenham, England, there is a large horse racing ground and this week is the busiest week there for the year as it is the big National Hunt Horse Racing Festival.  We've never been there when it's been on, but we did go to other races there on our last trip back to England, for a day out with my sister and my nephews.

On that day, we saw so many people wearing such "interesting" clothes it was quite distracting from the the racing!!!  There was definitely an excess of tweed garments - which resulted in my nephew deciding he definitely needed a tweed jacket!  Don't quite think he's got around to it ....yet!!!

But tweed is not "it" this festival however - instead it is horse hoof boots, made from real horse hair!!!

One of the betting companies commissioned three pairs to be made to celebrate 100 years of the famous National Hunt Festival.

The hoof is made of carbon fiber and there are 5,000 individual horse hairs on these  £1,300 shoes (I wonder who counted the hairs?).

Proceeds for the sale will go to the  Prostate Cancer Charity.  Fancy a pair???

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