Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9/52 Bird a week challenge - Remember the little things

I've made a couple of birdie silver bracelets this week.  It's been a while since I made this design but I had a couple of people ask for one so here is my "Remember the little things" bracelet.

Nine different squares show little illustrations of one or two birds remembering to do the important little things in life.  Each square acts as a reminder for the wearer of the important things in life to make time for:
  • entertain - one bird sings to another
  • stop - a little bird stops to smell a flower
  • celebrate - two birds with a balloon and glass of champagne
  • indulge - the bird gets to eat a yummy pie
  • care - the large bird holds a net ready to catch the little bird hanging upside down
  • work - a bird hanging out the washing
  • love - two birds showing their love
  • pamper - a bird having a spa in a bird bath
  • play - two birds riding a toy vehicle

 The drawings were made into photopolymer plates to make these illustrations in the silver.  On the back of each square is printed the word "love, or play or.." that relates to the illustration as you can see here:

 There are a few of us all participating in the bird a week challenge, where our goal is to create at least 52 different birds this year.  Maybe I could use this for 9 weeks??? Hee, hee.  To see what the others are doing, please click on the links below.  People add their links as the week progresses, so come back later and see more.


Joy Funnell said...

Hey no cheating :) - definitely only one entry!! It is absolutely fab though!!!!

Joy x

Patty Biermans said...

Yes, I agree!! No cheating...:D
I think the bracelet is a great gift! It's a beautiful idea. Hugzz...Peebee

vilterietje said...

the most beautiful peace i've ever seen:)

Ruth said...

Thanks for the comments! Guess I can't get away with much in this group :-D