Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12/52 Bird a week challenge - Teeny weeny bird

I am enjoying trying different media and this week, I've been looking at some different air dry clays.  So I decided to make my bird of the week out of one of these.  I wanted to see how small the clay would let me work, and try some color blending.

This clay is made by Deco and used a lot to make flowers.  It is very light and airy.  The colors mix beautifully and I really like that about it.  This bird ended up so light, I think he could probably very well fly :=D  And he is only about 1cm tall!

At the moment, he's busy eating so maybe he will gain some weight!!!

Please take a look at what the others in our year long challenge to make 52 birds in 2011, have created this week by clicking on the links below:

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vilterietje said...

cute litlle bluebird:)