Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is definitely here: there's another ladybird!

Well, the first day of spring was this week and all we've had is rain, rain and wind.....but I saw another ladybird today.... so maybe there is hope?  You may remember there was a ladybird/ladybug on some flowers earlier in the week, but today's is just on a leaf:

I have some other similar pieces in progress too.....but you'll have to wait until they are finished.  I just love the brightness of the color you get with anodised aluminium, and then by mitering the edges, the silver of the aluminium shines through, and picks up with the fine silver sculptured ladybird.

Have you seen signs of spring at home yet?  Is the sunshine there? Maybe you can share it a little??? Can't really complain - we normally have lovely weather here in Northern CA, and these rainy couple of weeks are quite out of character.


Marly said...

Just LOVE your little ladybug! And against this spring green leaf...just beautiful!
We've had sunshine here, but we got 25 centimetres of snow to go along with it! Waterloo had the record for the highest snowfall in Ontario on Wednesday! So we're hoping that this beautiful sunshine will melt the snow quickly so we can look for signs of spring!

Cheryl said...

Super cute! I agree, the spring green in that leaf is just perfectly appropriate!

cca319 said...

Oh, great idea!

Chui King said...

Gorgeous piece Ruthie - love the colour and contrast - ladybirds are such happy creatures! Reminded me of one that was hanging around the other day near Ladybird house that you and John bought for a present a while back! Loving the extra dimension to your work recently :))