Friday, March 11, 2011

Bird Signs - Jay

This week's bird card that I picked is the Jay.

Photo by chefranden

We have a lot of jays around us - and I see and hear them most days. This week, however, as I went to my studio, we have a planter by the door and as I walked near it - both a squirrel and a blue jay jumped out from there. They looked very guilty like they were up to something together. I chatted to them and asked them what they were up to, but the jay flew off noisily and the squirrel went up the oak tree.  Strangely enough, the same thing happened the next day, and also a few other days during the week.  It was like the squirrel and jay hang out together. I'm guessing they were both after acorns but it seemed sweet to see them together ..

The night after my second sighting of them, I had a dream that I had a pet squirrel called Harriet, but that she got away.....  I walked for ages calling her and asking her to come back, but she didn't. Maybe she went looking for Jay???? 

Photo by Willie Lunchmeat
So I guess choosing the jay card was timely this week. The Jay is a member of the crow family and is noisy and intelligent. However, when nesting and communicating with a mate, they use a "whisper song" - a soft sweet warble.  The book says that if the jay appears to you, perhaps the suggestion is to use you sweetest voice with your loved ones...or maybe you need to use a louder voice to make your voice heard by others.

Jays like to rummage at picnic areas and campsites so the card suggests that it is time to pack a picnic, a blanket and a loved one and head out to appreciate the simplicity of life.  Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow if the weather is nice???

Photo by Yandi
As a follow up to last week's cards when it was indicating that I would find my life purpose with an eagle as my guide.... I'm afraid I haven't got it all figured out (!!!)...yet....  but it did make me think a lot about it and I continue to do so...and have taken steps to do a few new things too.

Have you seen a specific bird today? If so, let me know what it was and I'll see what the signs book says.

In the meantime, let's hope Harriet the squirrel and Jay the Jay are enjoying each others company!!!


vilterietje said...

lovely story and beautiful cards. great to see so many birds in your neighbourhood. I also talk to animals, seems funny, but i think they are glad we tald to them.
love, riet:)

Anonymous said...

40 redpolls! And a pair of white winged crossbills. I never knew the jay was part of the crow family. It makes sense!

Ruth said...

Glad to hear you talk to the animals Riet. You should try singing to them - then they really pay attention!

Noisy Jays just like noisy crows Barbara!!

Patty Biermans said...

Last night I heard a nightingale in the tree next to our house. I could not sleep because he sang so beautiful. I listened until he flew away and sang for someone else. Hugzz...Peebee

Ruth said...

Hi Peebee. How lovely to hear of your nightingale serenade. I looked up Nightingale in my bird signs - but it isn't listed I'm afraid. We'll just have to assume that all those who hear nightingales as they are drifting to sleep are very special and luck people!!! :=D