Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Bird in the Hand

Here's this week's goodies - the things I am grateful for:

Photo by whologwhy
  • That my friend Meta is recovering from her surgery, albeit slowly and she will need a lot of patience.
  •  The turtle is back, or at least showing his face in our pond.  He probably never left!  He was catching some rays yesterday by lounging on the duck platform.
  • Blood orange juice! We have a blood orange tree but it hasn't borne fruit in the last couple of years :-(.  So I bought some blood oranges this week as I do so love them. Juiced them and it was delicious.
  • Found a gluten free Choux pastry recipe,  tried it and it worked out great! It was yummy and tasted no different from gluten choux pastry. Made profiteroles for our friends when they came for dinner. Thanks Blackbird Bakery.
  • Catching up with "old" singing friends at a party last night.
  • Buying some new tools for my studio - can't wait to give them a try!
  • Clearing out the garage and finding some old dyes and paints that I can experiment with on my aluminum.


vilterietje said...

what a week to be grateful for, hope next week will give you as much pleasure too:)

Ruth said...

You too my dear ;-D