Friday, March 18, 2011

Bird Signs - Pelican

Well, I should have paid more attention to my bird signs from last week. I had the Jay which stands for communication and I really didn't communicate very well on a couple of occasions.  Oh dear.  Lesson learned??? This week, I'll try and pay more attention to the guidance and wisdom from our feathered friends.

So, my Bird Sign for today - from the book by G.G Carbone- is The Pelican, symbolizing Spontaneity, something I am a big fan of.

Photo by mikebaird

I think Pelicans are wonderful birds and used to enjoy watching them all the time when we lived in Florida.  In fact, I rescued one on the beach once that was very ill.  Gosh, I couldn't believe how light such a big bird was.  He was very ill, so I covered him in a towel and took him to the wildlife rescue place. He hardly moved, didn't seem to have the energy to panic as I sat in the car with him on my lap.... Poor Pelican.....Now we still see them on the coast here in Northern California - but not so many - and I always look out for them on this patch of water in a quite busy area on the way to the city. It is only white pelicans that I see there.

The bird cards say that when the Pelican appears, it's time to toss aside my schedule and routine for one day and go have fun.  Spend the day doing whatever refreshes the spirit. Spontaneity is the key: do whatever appeals at that moment.

Photo by mikebairdbird

This is perfect timing!  This Sunday, for once, I am not singing.  We have the day off, so hubby and I are going off for the weekend just to do something different and make the most of our free weekend.  While I love singing at Grace, it'll be great to have a break.  I wonder what spontaneous things we'll do???

Hope you find the chance from some spontaneity this week too.  Let me know if you do.

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