Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Love Boat - cocktail ring

I was recently asked to use my love boat necklace design and make a love boat ring. I finished it today!

The boat is 3/4 long - so imagine the size of those two little people sat inside!

The person who commissioned the piece is married to a very keen fisherman, so she asked if it was possible to add a fishing rod to the boat too. So on one side, you can see a little fishing rod, and it was good day - so there is a fish on the end of the rod. Yes, you have to look carefully, as it's quite small!

I loved making it. Two little people, sharing their love as they sail away in their boat (with the advantage that they won't get hungry as they have a fish to eat!).

What do you think? My ring ideas are a buzzin'......


Easterya said...

An absolute DARLING of a ring, total eye candy!! I absolutely LOVE all your rings, they are fabulous works of art!!!

Anonymous said...

I think a ring with a lovely silver flower on it would be great. Something big like a gerbera or a large daisy. Christmas is coming, sis!