Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anyone can juggle!

Quite a few years ago (- gosh too scary to remember how many!) I spent a weekend with my sister at her new apartment. I remember going to Covent Garden on the Sunday and wandering around.... but then when I woke up on the Monday morning, I found I had chicken pox! Ugh!

My sister had to go into work and I felt horrid so I stayed in her apartment for the day - feeling too ill to travel home. It was not a fun day - but luckily a purchase I had made in Covent Garden came to my rescue! I had bought myself some juggling balls. 6 in total! And so, sat up in bed with the pox, I learnt how to juggle!

It was the most productive thing I did for the next few days until I felt well enough to make my way home. And by the end of my stay, I could juggle all 6, albeit briefly!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I was rummaging in some drawers in the laundry room, waiting for my kiln to finish a firing and I found 3 juggling balls! So now, whenever I have a couple of minutes, I'm back at juggling. As I only have three balls, I guess that is my maximum right now. Probably best to leave it at three.

And so, here is my "anyone can juggle" piece. I wanted some balls up in the air - so when you wear the set, the earrings provide 4 balls up high and then there are two more above 'anyone' attached to the chain!

A perfect necklace for someone with too many balls in the air - or a wanna be circus performer!! Hope you like him!


hint said...

once again you're too clever! I can't wait to show my husband, my juggling clown :)

Amadora Designs UK said...

So innovative and fabulously original. I had been stuck in bed too with a bad back, while making jewellery

Rewarding isn't it when you can leave a sickbed with another piece of wearble art. Thanks for sharing

Ruth said...

So your hubby can juggle! Always wanted to find a juggling friend ....but never have!

Ruth said...

Hi Amadora. Hope the back is getting better. Nice to see what you are creating.