Friday, October 16, 2009

Birds with Words

I've started a little "words" collection of jewelry this week.....a range of jewelry with a lower price point for everyday gifts.

Here are the first couple of pieces - my birds with words.

Both are bangle bracelets, but the birds and words could also be hung on chains instead.

The first bangle is based on the poem that inspired my silver poem bracelet - "Be as a bird" by Victor Hugo.

"Be as a bird
who when pausing in flight,
alights on a bough too slight
yet continues to sing,
knowing she hath wings"

Since I found this poem and made the first bracelet, I just think of it all the time. This version is simpler than my drawn version, but still gives the message that we have inner strength, even when times are difficult..

The second bangle bracelet is "A little bird told me". Perfect as a birthday present for someone.

This is shown on an interchangeable bangle - like the Pandora, Chamillia, Troll etc bangle bracelets. Between the words and birds are stopper beads to hold them in one general place. Additional beads could also be added to this bracelet.

I have a couple of other "birds with words" ideas coming up.....any ideas from you?

I'll be listing them soon on my website.


Lauren said...

Cute! What about 'The early bird gets the worm'?

Ruth said...

I like it! Worm jewelry :=D