Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look who's fishing today

Came home this afternoon to see this little guy busy fishing down at the pond. Actually, I think he is "frogging" but not sure there is such a word.

We had masses of really large tadpoles this year - just enormous - so now of course, we have masses of frogs! When you walk down to the pond there are hundreds of splashes as all the frogs jump into the water!!!

With all the rain we've had the last couple of days, the birds are just loving the pond as the water level is higher than the plants so all those morsels of tasty pond life can't hide as easily.

So this little Snowy Egret came along in his beautiful yellow shoes, sat on the bird box and checked out the frog scene! Don't you just love those yellow feet!!


Mary said...

Those yellow feet will end up inspiring a new jewelry creation! Can't wait!

My Computer Tutor said...

Several times over the summer, on arriving home I've disturbed a Mrs Blackbird at my pond. She kept her washing very secret and always seemed very indignant at having been disturbed.

I haven't seen her recently. I think it means that she was having a busy summer and enjoyed her bath when she could get one, but now it's autumn, life is not so hectic.

Or it might mean now I don't get out too much!