Monday, October 26, 2009

Dandy, Quentin Crisp

I just finished making some charms for a commission that will all hang together on a charm was Dandy Lion, another was Quentin Quail and the third was a warbler bird.... Hmm. Somehow "warbler" didn't seem like an adequate name compared to Quentin and Dandy. What name could match up to Quentin and Dandy I wondered?.... I was stuck.....

So I decided to get the help of Google and put in "Quentin, Dandy" in the search box...and it came back with this article all about how Quentin Crisp was a Dandy style icon. So voila! My warbler charm is now called Crisp. Crisp the Warbler - what a clear voice he has! And now the bracelet is Dandy, Quentin & Crisp!

If you haven't heard of the original dandy, Quentin Crisp - he was British and here's his photo - looking very dandy and here's the link to an article about him.

He was celebrated in a film "An Englishman in New York" and Sting also wrote a song about him with the same title! Check out the youtube and you'll see Quentin!

Dandy is definitely a good word for him!

See what you learn when you try to find names for your creations?

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