Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue eyes - ladies cufflinks

My latest ladies' cufflinks - my little birdies with bright blue eyes.

The eyes are lab created spinel cabachons, in a nice light blue shade.... .Makes you want to sing Frank Sinatra or Elton John or ...who was it who wrote "don't it make my brown eyes blue"?

I see Talbots have just come out with new cuff shirts......I tell you - you'll be needing cufflinks sooner than you thought!

And yes - guys can wear them too - especially delightful for bird watchers/twitchers ...or maybe even twitters?????

PS Yes, I have blue eyes. What color are yours?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your cuff links. I have a blouse with french cuffs and haven't a clue about sewing. My solution was to have cufflinks, but couldn't find any at the time. Now, sadly the blouse does not fit, but one day, I hope, it will.

My Computer Tutor said...

Blue too!

Ruth said...

Maybe you'll get another one soon Colleen! Then I could do you some dogs!

Ruth said...

How fortunate that you have a logo to match you eyes, ComputerTutor!!

Easterya said...

These are just SO classy!! Luuuuuuv'em!!