Friday, October 23, 2009

Everlasting flowers

One of the things I love about where I live is the many flowers we have in our garden. If I want flowers in the house, I just go outside and pick a few. It is rare that there isn't something I can just pick to brighten up the indoors. But sometimes in winter, the garden is bare of color.... Then, if I'm lucky, my husband might buy me some flowers. His favorites always seem to be ones that last a long time :-) Can't imagine why?? The all time favorite has to be Proteas which we buy around Christmas time. They last years as gradually they start to dry and don't deteriorate... and voila - no need to buy any more flowers!!!

I wonder if this is the situation in Cindy's she recently commissioned me to make her a little bunch of flowers. Of course, being silver, they will be everlasting flowers! ( Shhh..just don't tell my husband - he'll get me making my own, instead of buying me the occasional bunch of long-lasting ones!)

Hope you like your flowers Cindy......they'll look good sitting near Doug the Dog, Cher the Sheep, Dandy the Lion...Yes, it's that Cindy! The one that comes up with fun ideas for commissions like her desk buddy animals. Just you wait 'til you hear the latest thing Cindy has commissioned me to make her! Flowers, lions and the such are nothing!!! Not sure I can do it yet...but we'll see...

In the meantime, enjoy your everlasting flowers Cindy.

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