Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do birds prefer to shower or bathe?

A question for the birds - whether to shower or to bathe?

The last couple of days we've had our first rain for quite a few months. You rarely see the birds out in the rain, enjoying a shower, but often you'll see them in puddles... Do you think they prefer a bath rather than a shower? I know we see many of them in our fountain taking a bath.

Seeing the birds this summer jostling for position for a dip in the fountain inspired this bird bath ring that I made for a friend this week. The bird has his wings out stretched...making sure the water gets in all those little places!!!

My parrot, Harold, on the other hand is a shower kind of bird. He showers with one of those plant sprays! We fill it with warm water and then start singing "I'm singing in the rain". Since we first got Harold, he's always had that song sung to him as he showers!!! Then he spreads his wings too to make sure water gets everywhere.....But when it's all finished, he does tend to go and dunk his head in his water bowl, for one last big splash!!!...just like this little birdie:

Well, I think the bird bath ring works...makes quite a statement... but not sure a bird shower one would work as well!!!!

So what do your birdies do - both wild birds and pets?

Did you know you can buy shower stands for birds so they come with you in your shower and sit on the perch! I can't ever imagine Harold doing that! If you have a pet or watch the garden birds cleaning themselves, tell us whether they are shower or bath types!!


HollybirdBeads said...

My pet birdie (budgerigar) hates showers, but he'll happily splosh around in his little bird bath. Unfortunately he still hasn't twigged that if he just sticks his head face down in the water then the water will go up his nose and make him sneeze!! The wild birds often splash at the side of our pond..but they also take dust baths in a certain patch of our flowerbeds too.

Lovely ring too by the way :)

Ruth said...

Oh dear! sounds like you need to get him one of those nose clips that the synchronized swimmers use!