Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Winter returning

By guest blogger Pete

Winter is scheduled to return this coming week end - in fact the week end that you'll be reading this blog. Autumn in the UK seems to be the shortest of all the seasons. The clocks go back an hour on Sunday and that shortens the days quite rapidly. I know that each day still contains 24 hours but when it starts getting dark an hour earlier in the afternoon, when curtains are drawn, lights switched on and Halloween callers start practising for their big night - well, you reach for your warmer clothes and have a look to see what's on T.V. that evening.

The weather has been good this autumn. By now I am usually fully engaged picking up the dead leaves from our magnolia tree in the garden. Magnolias seem to produce far more leaves than any other tree when their size is also taken into consideration. I think ours' was supposed to grow to a maximum height of 8 foot but someone forgot to tell the tree that. Even though we looped quite a bit off the top a couple of years ago it now stand at about 12 foot, That's a lot of leaves! About ten have fallen so far so there are still a few more to go.

I mentioned in last week's blog that Pam and I had been to Bath. Soon after we arrived we set off in search of a cup of coffee - one of life's little essentials -, which we found in one of the churches in that city. Pam began talking to one of the volunteers there - if you know my wife than that will not surprise you in the least - and during their conversation it was discovered that she was from our home city of Southampton. Now the co-incidence didn't end there. She had also been a pupil at the same school as Pam. Mutual acquaintances were reminisced over and, eventually, the lady volunteer returned to her voluntering. Small world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've included an update of my latest painting above. Couldn't quite get it finished in time but I'm reasonably satisfied with it. Should sell well - when I'm dead!!!!! Hope you like it. Here's the new one I've just started:

Keep on volunteering - you meet some unexpected folk that way.