Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ladies cufflinks - Time to Bloom

I'm starting a new line of ladies cuff links. It'll be an unusual gift for people to give at Christmas and other occasions, maybe combining it with a french cuff shirt. A new style of jewelry to make a change....Here's a pair entitled "Time to Bloom"

In the corporate world, women are wearing suits so why not add a touch of femininity and individuality and add cufflinks to the ensemble. With a well fitted shirt, there is nothing to complement it more than a pair of cufflinks.

But cuff links are not just for the office either. They can be worn with silk blouses, or tailored shirts for an evening out - or just with a shirt and a pair of jeans.

And while many men's cufflinks are unisex, having a range designed for women will offer a more feminine look and with my whimsical designs - maybe a touch of playfulness too.

To find a suitable shirt, it's best to look for a french cuff, as this provides better support for the cufflink. You can find shirts for cufflinks in the US at Chico's, Liz Claiborne, Jones New York, Brooks Brothers, Nordstram and others or else google "french cuff women's shirt", you'll find quite a few in different price ranges.

I'll be building my line of women's cufflinks (and not excluding men either) and of course, can do custom designs too.... I look forward to seeing your cuffs suitably adorned!

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florcita said...

I love how youa re combining color with the silver!