Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - The last warm days of the year

By guest blogger Pete.

A couple of weeks ago we paid a visit to our elder daughter, Mary,and her family. We spent some five days with them on that trip. Mary, Fin and the two boys live in a large house with a fair sized garden. They inherited this garden some 6 or 7 years ago and it was obviously one that lacked love from the previous householder. Mary and Fin have worked to keep the garden up to scratch and this year they have had the back garden terraced. One of our trips out whilst at Croxley was to buy plants for the new piece of garden. Pam took some photos so these first two pictures are her's.

On one of the days during our visit, we went to Hatfield House. It doesn't possess what you would call an impressive facade but T.V. and filming crew vehicles covered most of the frontage and even improved it quite a bit!! They were shooting an episode of "Miss Marples" when we were there but they must have been working indoors because we saw very few signs of activity outside. I think it was Henry VIII who deposited his children at Hatfield; at least Elizabeth I spent much of her childhood there.

Fin, like me, is a photography nut. Pam and Mary are into making cards and the two boys into rugby and football ("Why not cricket? I ask.). Thus on the Saturday Pam and Mary went to "Ally Pally" (Alexandra Palace) for a craft event and Fin and I sped off to Kew Gardens. If you've never been to Kew then I'm afraid you've missed a real treat. You must go! It's a wee bit expensive to get in but well worth it. Even though there was not the usual amount of colour that other seasons of the year provide there was still enough to keep Fin and me happy. Many of the trees were glorious and the orchid house was a real splash of vibrant colour.

Next week we're off to the Cotswolds for seven days. When you retire you can get around a bit more than you could when working. This trip will be the last bit of gallivanting for us this year. Mary, Fin and the boys are coming to us for Christmas so we're both looking forward in anticipation to that.

Keep on with the gardening! If you don't do it then someone in the future will have bad thoughts about you!!!!!!

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