Monday, October 12, 2009

Harvest Day 1

Our first morning of the grape harvest for 2009. Here are a few photos to show you the vineyard crew in action.

Each of the green or white containers you see in the photos holds approx 1/2 ton of grapes. The vineyard really looks like a farm today with a couple of tractors, fork lift, flat bed truck, loads of cars parked outside and people everywhere! We normally don't have "equipment" everywhere! Even the deer are keeping away as there is too much activity.

The goal today was to harvest 5 tons. They are so fast at picking. It's 10am and they are done! Look carefully at the first photo below - it's taken under the vines and you can just about make out all the legs of the vineyard crew as they pick!

"Heavy storms" are forecast for tomorrow. We haven't had rain since spring so I'm not complaining....By the end of the week, it should be warm again so hopefully the rest of the grapes will be ready to be harvested then. We expect a total harvest of about 20 tons. I had a little taste of the grapes as I wandered around this morning....lots of good flavors.


Lore said...

Wow !!!
I love to see your pictures !
They do worked hard.
How long have you had your vineyard?

Ruth said...

Thanks Lorena. We've lived here 6 years - so this is our 6th harvest! Still exciting, every year! We often harvest a ton with some friends - but much more than that and it gets hard work! Gotta look after the hands for silver!