Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - wagons roll

By guest blogger Pete

Many years ago when we lived in Chesterfield I had a treasurer who not only kept the books wonderfully well but also devoted a great deal of time to raising money. Most of the money she raised wasn't for us but for a special enterprise we ran each year.

Our parish was in a deprived part of town where employment was low and poverty fairly common. Each year we used to raise sufficient cash to take 60 or so teenagers away for a two week holiday during their summer school break. 30 girls went to a camp somewhere in the U.K. and 30 boys went camping on the Continent (Europe). We never went to the same place twice. Have you ever taken 30 teenage boys camping? It was quite an adventure and certain single adults gave up their summer holidays to help with one of the two camps. We paid for absolutely everything during those two weeks, except for the children's spending money (and I have an idea that Mary, the treasurer,used to slip some spending money to certain of the teenagers).

One of the ways in which money was raised was through a weekly BIngo session for adults. Of course, at half time we had a break for refreshments. It was at one of these Bigo Sessions that I was introduced to the wonders of "Wagon Wheels". If you've never had a "Wagon Wheel" then don't break your abstinence. They're back on the market again so when Lent comes or if you're feeling adventurous then give them a go.

The first thing I have against "Wagon Wheels" is that they are so LARGE. Inside there is a kind of mushy biscuit surrounded by a gooey white substance, all encased in this "chocolate tasting" outside. I wonder why they put a chocolate tasting outside and not the real thing! You've been warned.

I've enclose a scan of the painting I am working on and which I showed you last week. I've made some progress. I may have mentioned in last week's blog that the drying time had a good effect on the questionable area in the sky so I decided to continue with the rest of the painting. The setting is Lincoln's Castle Square. just outside Exchequer Gate and the Cathedral looking towards the Castle entrance. I haven't really got to the stage yet where I'm wondering what the people in the Square are doing although I suspect that one of them is asking the stall holder if he has any free samples!!

Remember "Wagon Wheels"! Go on! Try one"

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