Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life's a hoot! - owl necklace

We came home the other night - around 7.30pm so still light - and a big bird flew over the car as we came through the gate. I guessed it was an owl, but then he perched on one of the electricity poles and it was clear to see it was a great horned owl. It was so great to see him and be able to watch him for a while.

We drove into the garage and I quickly picked up my camera - but when I went back out to take his photo, he flew away. Just a handsome looking bird though. The photo is courtesy AP. Next time, I'll get one!

We sometimes hear them hooting at night time in the woods - such a distinctive sound - but this wonderful creature just sat and looked down at us. Here's what they sound like:

Now of course, this sighting meant I had to make an owl! So here is "life's a hoot" - he is a small great horned owl! Either a charm or for a necklace. I want to make a bigger one now.....

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