Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Let it snow, let it snow!

By guest blogger Pete.

You can tell that all the school children are on holiday. At the beginning of this month we had a really hot spell. I remember it well. It was the time Pam and I took week's break in Suffolk. Everyone began to think that the weather forecasters' promise of August bringing barbecue weather was right on the mark.

Now, as I write August begins on Saturday and so we are in the last days of July. Guess what! Yesterday it rained "cats and dog" all day. My mother-in-law would have said that it rained " stair rods". When it wasn't just raining we had hailstones thrown in for good measure. We have a flat roofed conservatory added onto our home and sitting out there in the rain and hail is quite deafening.

Okay!. I know it's not August yet (as I write this..)....however the aforementioned forecasters on T.V are getting increasingly redder in the face everyday. One of today's tabloids asked where the barbecue weather promised had got to. We had a workman (I use the word lightly!) come to us yesterday to fix something outside the conservatory . No. I didn't feel sorry for him having to work outside in the rain. He was an awkward, miserable, unhelpful,critical, arrogant, etc, etc, specimen. Just the sort of chap you'd like to represent your company -if you've got one! I suggested to him that he cheer up - after all he could be in Skegness with 5 young children staying in a"Bed and Breakfast".

I don't think it can be much worse than having children to entertain in Skegness when it rains UNLESS it is having children to entertain in Mablethorpe (a few miles up the coast) when it's raining. When our daughters were MUCH younger than they are now we, not knowing what Mablethorpe was like, booked a week's self catering holiday there. On arrival we discovered that the flat we had rented covered the ground floor (1st floor) and the 3rd floor!

When the children went to bed we either had to go to bed as well or take it in regular turns to climb two flights of stairs to check on them. I've never been back to Mablethorpe for more that two hours since that time. The town smelled of a mixture of fish and chips with seaside rock thrown in for good measure. The main street through the town was covered in fish and chip paper "to boot". If there is one good thing about Mablethorpe it is its beach. It's absolutely perfect for kite flying and, on a hot day, great for children of all ages.

Skegness is Lincolnshire's primary holiday seaside resort. Folk from many parts of the Midlands come here in the summer for a week or two. The promenade is looking more than a little battle weary now. Over the past four years or so there have been 2 very bad fires, which destroyed some of the seaside front buildings. Ambitious plans are being submitted to renovate the area but if the present rate of progress is maintained then 5 year olds now will be 25 before it is finished.

We pay an annual visit to Skegness - in January. On a cold dry day there is something great in taking a brisk walk along the beach followed by a hot meal before the journey home.
Keep on hoping for the sun in the UK. It's all around us and must pay a return visit soon.

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