Monday, August 3, 2009

Bird's nest in the vines

We've found a couple of birds' nests in our grape vines this weekend - had never seen any before actually in the vines. Good job the birds left this first one, as it is now full of grapes! No room for birds!

The second one we found is just adorable and has a tiny little egg in it. When I first saw it, I wondered if the egg was actually a grape as it is exactly the same size as our grapes are right now - but I picked it up and it is definitely an egg - but an unhatched and unsuccessful egg.

The egg has a really delicate blue hint to it and so we tried to figure out what bird had built the nest and laid the egg.

As you can see the nest is very cup shaped so with this bit on info and knowing it was a tiny bird from the size of the egg and that one we see in and around the vineyard....we finally figured that it is an American Goldfinch nest. We often see the goldfinches in the garden and they frequently come and bathe in our fountain.

The American Goldfinches make nests that are so dense and thick that they can actually hold water - and in some places, it has been known that baby goldfinches can actually drown in their nests after heavy rainfalls, as the nest is so well made! Amazing that a tiny bird like that can create something water-tight from a few twigs. I also found out they are known as "wild canaries". Of course!

Here's a snippet of the goldfinch's song, courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Anyhow - it's lovely to see the eggs and nests and grapes all together.....And maybe only birds that lay eggs the size of grapes build nests in grape vines? Good camouflage....?


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely post of prose and pictures. I love these birds and have a lot of them living in and around my backyard. They are here almost every day, singing and eating. I just posted some more photos of them on my birds blog. I hope you can take a look when you have time.
My Birds Blog

Ruth said...

Thanks Abe. Just been to see your two blogs and love them. What gorgeous photos. Adding your blogs to my google reader. Thanks for connecting!