Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - 999 or 911

By guest blogger Pete

Yes!. It's an emergency. The orchids are definitely on the decline and, although obviously stressed out, look as though there is no chance of a recovery. (Readers of last week's blog will remember that the givers of the orchids told my wife that they flourish best under stress). I'm afraid that I've not had the heart to shout at then again; but I did remark that they've got two days to go and that remark was made yesterday. If you're an orchid miracle worker then it's now too late. Why didn't you answer my plea of last week?

Every true blooded, right minded, upstanding, conscientious, humble, intelligent, etc, etc, English man (like me - i.e. one who supports and follows the noble game of cricket) is now rejoicing with a joy not experienced since 2005. We beat the Australians in the final test match and regained the Ashes by two games to one. With a football team that would struggle to beat the Orkney Islands, true blooded Englishmen can walk with heads held high once again. It might not be the winning that counts but it is the Australians who are now mourning. There's something really special about beating the arch cricketing rivals from Australia.

With the art group starting again soon, I've been doing some preliminary work on my next project. One of the scary things about painting is that you are never sure what the finished product will look like - at least "I'm never sure" although I expect for people like Monet it was probably a forgone conclusion. I've included a scan with this blog of my work so far. It's a ink sketch of Lincoln Cathedral based on a photo I took during the recent photo walk in the city. The group doesn't start until next month but I'll update the scan as I go and keep you in touch with developments unless............................................

I've always thought that the colour black has had a bad press for decades. It may well be a dominant colour that can easily swallow up other colours and details in one gulp but it's also a colour with such a contrast that it can be used to emphasise other colours and achieve an effect that you won't find elsewhere. I hope the other photos in this blog illustrate that. Any comments welcome.

A thought for the end of this blog. Why don't the Americans learn to play a game that demands skill like .....................? I'd better leave it there or else the "blog boss" will be making more remarks about my addiction to a certain game. "OWZAT"


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Congratulations on your brilliant crickets! The crickets in America are just the ordinary singing kind. But yours competed with Australian crickets (how did they make the crossing?) and won! Woo Hoo! ;-)

And that drawing is wonderful. I'm very impressed. Can't wait to see what you do when the artistic action really starts.

PeterB said...

HI Lora,

I've heard of your "Cricketers". Are they in the top twenty?

I'll keep the blog in touch with the paintings progress. Like you I'm interested to see how it turns out!!!

Ruth said...

I don't think I'm really keen on the black....or maybe it's the white bits/lines in the black...they draw attention to parts I don't want to see, like the base of the flower stand in the last photo....