Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Love Boat - silver necklace

When I was making the kayak necklaces a few weeks ago, I made an extra boat and it sat on my worktop for a while ....so I decided to use it! Instead of a kayak, I turned it into a boat - in fact - a Love Boat!

Two little figures, sitting opposite each other, and sharing some loooove!

So OK. Who used to watch The Love Boat on television? Yes, my boat is a little smaller - or should I say "intimate".....


Easterya said...

oh it looooooovely! I too remember the Love Boat, in French it was called 'La Croisiere s'amuse' (the cruise is having fun...) I much prefer the Loooooove Boat, and I loooooove yours!!!

Ruth said...

Nice to hear it was in French! Just sold the piece this morning - listed only a couple of hours. Sending some looooooove to Germany.