Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make mine Merlot

The start of the grape harvest is underway in Sonoma county. We harvest our grapes quite late in the season - normally October - and one of the questions that so many people ask when they know we grow grapes is do we stomp the grapes by foot...... Of course, we have - but it's not something you do with lots of grapes!

Anyhow - to be ready for harvest this year, I thought I'd make a grape stomping necklace. A little "anyone" figure is working hard trying to get merlot juice out of these grapes.

Haven't finally decided on a name for the piece yet - but by the time I get home, I will! Hope you like him!

Don't forget to drink Merlot!

1 comment:

Easterya said...

Amazing, almost life-like!!