Monday, August 31, 2009

Playing Cat and Mouse - silver necklace

Just finished a delightful commission for a wonderful customer of mine in France. She cares for many, many dogs and cats and has bought the "home is where the dog is" necklace and lots of other pieces too. I was happy then when she asked me to make something for her - and she asked for a necklace with a cat and mouse on it - the rest was left open for my interpretation.

So here is the necklace:

I think it is quite a different piece for me. The cat is not as whimsical as usual - or whimsical in a different sense.... but I like the look and line of it.

I think the last cat that I made I didn't like much so my mind was already thinking of doing it differently - and it did! Problem was that I made the mouse first in my usual whimsical style but then that didn't match the cat, so I had to make another mouse! The first mouse is now going to become another necklace that I'll show you later.

Anyhow, the customer loved it and it's on it's way to France. Hope it's a good cat and doesn't cause too much fuss! Maybe the quietest of all she'll be caring for!


Easterya said...

Such a clever necklace! I love the way it hangs, so interesting, playful and really superbly finished! The mouse's tail is genious!!

Anonymous said...

very cool and unique! i would have never thought to do that, how creative!

silver necklace said...

What a cute idea! This could def be made into a series... cat and mouse, cat and bird, bird and worm, dog and cat, dog and car, boy and girl, etc.