Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cufflinks - for men AND women

Here are some new cuff links. They utilize the traditional hinge style post that swivels once it's through the cuff and holds it in place.

And maybe not many men wear cuff links nowadays in the US - but the numbers seem to be increasing in the UK. I've made a few pairs before - and they've all sold in England. It seems that it is becoming more popular with younger guys there, who are wearing them on everyday shirts rather than just formal shirts....

But another angle I'd love to get moving is cuff links for women. I made some women's cuff links for a commission - and just thought it was a great idea. You can buy ladies blouses with cuffs for cuff links now - or you could even adapt a blouse/shirt you already have.

This pair is quite subdued in design. As it was my first pair with the hinge back, I kept it simple - sort of just about what my husband could cope with wearing. He does like plain! Nothing flashy for him! But now I like how these have turned out - so the field is long as I can find people who want to wear cuff links!!!

So get out there! Get the man in your life to wear French cuff shirts - or you wear them instead and adorn yourselves with cuff links! Happy to do commissions. Let's start a cuff link movement!

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HappyDayArt! said...

These are just great!