Friday, February 13, 2009

Gift from the cat

I was recently approached by a cat to do a commission piece for her owner! She wanted me to make her "mum" some cuff-links with her paw prints on them. So we discussed the idea.....found that she also wanted her name on them - and so I came up with some birthday cuff-links for her mum! Hope mummy likes them. Here they are:

How lovely to have cufflinks for women. I think I need to pursue this more...... Let's get those shirts out ladies and get some cool cuff-links in them! If a cat can start this trend - anyone can do it!

PS No cat was injured in the manufacture of these cuff links - and she didn't even get clay in her pads!!!! :0D


Chocolate and Steel said...

Those are adorable! I've been working on a cuff link design too and it's fun to see how you approached it.

Ruth said...

Yes, I've made a few pairs of cuff - links in the past - some "sound of music" ones with do re mi on them, some as cameras etc.... I embed a loop in each part and then link them together. That way you can use the back bar for say or show something too. How are you doing yours Christine?