Saturday, February 28, 2009

Findlay the Frog

So you've met Findlay the frog this week. He is doing fine but wanted me to tell you a little about why he is called Findlay and about James. James is Findlay's new friend - that's James below. He is a very large (paper mache) frog - just amazing! He is about 4 foot square and hangs/sticks on the wall in our office making quite a statement. Everyone remembers James when they've met him. He's called James as he has little ladybirds/ladybugs sat on his back, so he seems like a ladies man...and then we thought of James Bond being a ladies man..... and so he was named James. He's taking good care of Findlay.

Findlay got his name after my brother in law. You may recall last year that I made a "my family and other animals" charm bracelet. It had charms of little animals on it - each with their name. This all started as a discussion over dinner with my nephews and sister and brother in law one night when we tried to come up with names for animals I could make that were clever or a little play on words such as Cliff and Bob the seagulls, Curdle and Cud the cows, Trotter and Truffle the pigs..... and Matt and Ted the sheep - ie mat- ted wool...get it? The family part then came into it as Matt is my nephew - and here is Matt the sheep.

Then there is Peter - he is my other nephew and so came is Pete the penguin - who flaps his wings when you pull on the fish but never manages to quite fly.......

And here is Findlay the frog. Findlay is my brother in law - so Findlay the frog is part of "my family and other animals...."
I have to confess that Findlay really doesn't do well as frog as I don't think he would ever get into one of their choruses!!!! Sorry Fin..... :-D And I think at our dinner discussion we were actually going to do a Fin the fish but Findlay sounds like such a good name for frog - quite sophisticated..... What do you think? Quite a grand and important frog....?

The only missing one from that part of my family is my sister Mary so I better come up with Mary the.......? Any thoughts?


Beaded Zen said...

Hmm. We can work on it...need to know something about Mary...get it?

Ruth said...

That's it - there's something about Mary.......Hmmmmmmm

Beaded Zen said...

Glad I could help out the creative thinking *proud grin*